Quick Pitch Drop Down Fridge Slide

Quick Pitch Drop Down Fridge Slide

What is the Quick Pitch Drop Down Fridge Slide?

The Quick Pitch drop down fridge slide was designed to solve a problem so many overlanders were facing. Dropping your fridge to a workable height for the whole family to access the fridge. The drop-down fridge slide mounts on top of your new or existing drawer system or any other surface. With an easy unlock of the lockable slides the fridge pulls out, an easy mechanism drops the fridge down. The fridge slide will give you 260mm clearance from the back of your fridge to your drawers, making this product suitable for any SUV, 4×4 truck and any overlanding vehicle.

This means that you can mount the drop-down fridge slide forward to allow your rear door to close without touching your fridge. The QP drop down fridge slide also comes standard with a wooden prep table that slides out under the fridge. Giving you extra workspace.

The QP drop down fridge slide is made from the best quality aluminium, stainless steel and heavy-duty lockable sliders making this product so robust that it will handle whatever gets thrown at it.

The QP Drop down fridge slide comes in 2 different sizes a medium (Fridge Pan 770mm x 490mm) and large (Fridge Pan 945mm x 570mm)