Quick Pitch Drawer System

Quick Pitch Drawer System

What is the Quick Pitch Drawer System?

The Quick Pitch Drawer system is a storage solution that every overlanding enthusiast needs in their vehicle. The drawer system is the first in the world with a maintenance free stainless-steel slide. Designed by African engineers for you to enjoy the peace of mind. The slides are designed to last a lifetime. The simplicity yet futuristic design of these slides makes this product a first. It also features a stainless-steel locking system to secure the drawer in place, this means that no bulky locks in front of unit is needed

The drawers are easily stackable on top of each other or next to each other with stacking plates provided. These stacking plates get pop riveted to the drawers keeping them in place.

QP designed these drawers to fit any SUV, Truck, or overlanding vehicle. The sizes were calculated with all vehicles in mind.

Quick Pitch Drawer Sizes (L x B x H)

Quick Pitch Drawer 750mm x 310mm x 280mm

Quick Pitch Drawer 750mm x 400mm x 280mm

Quick Pitch Drawer 850mm x 310mm x 280mm

Quick Pitch Drawer 850mm x 400mm x 280mm